Faline Schell
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I will not make an apology of a traditional biography with awards received etc.
What is important to me, it's what comes out. However, my ability in drawing and everything about creative forms is premature. I am self taught for all technical, I started oil painting at 17, frescoes and airbrushing followed much later.
I also do interior design, styling and I paint on order. Subjects come out of my imagination with metaphysical and philosophical reflections that are based on the human being and its evolution. Everything revolves around the inner research, sometimes my inspiration comes from reading.
The only images are not always comprehensive and can be interpreted in different ways to us which is why the titles are important and can lead to a text. Sometimes there is no decryption to grasp, but the title remains a noumenon. Some artists find inspiration and create in suffering, it's not my case. My inspiration and envy stop when I am suffering. Sometimes the realization is figurative or other times no half. It depends on the theme that I want to wear.
Or, representation is neither figurative nor abstract. The exploration of the mind and the light are essential. The movement is made of two natures, one material and the other spiritual. The spiritual result of the power of thought, the material comes from what it represents.  
Today my interest goes towards abstraction and light in 3D. I have projects of installation which is the continuity of my work. I am always searching to explore other ways(means) to express the light.



without deception
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